Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Kansas City

Who Else Suffers from Leaky Pets that leave little (or Big) traces of stinky urine which causes Your Nose Hairs to curl and tingle?

Do you ever think, “I really need to get this Odor under control
and removed from my home!”

Dog and Cat Urine and Odor Johson County and Kansas CityIf you can relate to the above questions, we need to talk, and RIGHT NOW! We have a solution to your stinky urine odor problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your carpet, oriental rugs, furniture, or mattress. We can help.

We are professionals, and we understand the nature of the beast so to speak. There is some good news. You’re not alone. Nearly 75% of our loyal and excited customers have suffered from this ongoing and annoying problem at some point in time.

Rely on the experts in resolving your urine and odor problems. Well, not yours of course, but your 4 legged family member’s.

Personal Experience!

If it’s one thing we know at USClean its pet urine and pet odor control. Nearly 75% of our customers use our services because of their four-legged animals. Cat urine and dog urine are an ongoing problem for homeowners that have carpet.

At USClean we have the ultimate testing and training ground with three dogs, one of which is 14 years old and wears a diaper. Regardless of what type of dog, cat or other animal you may have they are contributing in at least one way, shape or form to the soil in your carpet. At USClean, we specialize in pet urine and pet odor removal. We use a team of safe products and employ IICRC certified technicians to tackle even the worst of urine and odor problems.

Urine contamination is a serious matter and should be resolved in a timely matter. Call USClean today for your free no obligation estimate or consultation.