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Benefits of using our Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Rug Cleaning in Johson County and KC

If you are concerned about the condition of your home’s fine Oriental rugs, you are not alone. You may be aware that these rugs are made of highly delicate fibers, and the dyes used to provide them with their rich, lustrous color may also be fragile. Many owners of Oriental rugs regularly vacuum their rugs to remove larger pieces of debris from the surface of the rug. However, as your family, friends and pets travel across these rugs on a regular basis, dirt particles nestle down deep into the weave beyond where your vacuum can reach. This can cause your rug to look dingy, and ultimately damage your fine area rug.

At USClean we take cleaning your valuable area rugs seriously. The risks involved with cleaning area rugs are widespread and requires an educated firm to carry out this task. USClean has obtained certification through Woolsafe, and only use Woolsafe products to clean your area rugs. We are properly insured and bonded for this specific service, and take every precaution possible to care for your rug from pick up to delivery.

Our Oriental rug cleaning service is available to help you clean your rugs with care. We understand how delicate these fine rugs are, and our cleaning process is designed to safeguard these rugs while also giving you the results you want to see. Our process will gently, yet effectively remove the stains and odors from Oriental rugs without damaging the fibers or causing the dyes to bleed together. Whether you have one Oriental rug in your home, or several, it is understandable that you want to keep your rugs in great condition for years to come. It is not enough to simply clean the rugs. Instead, you will need to find a company that can safely and effectively provide you with deep cleaning results. We are the company to call for all of your Oriental rug cleaning needs.

Properly cleaning area rugs should always include these important steps:

1. Pre-inspection

2.  24hr dye test

3. Thorough vacuuming and dusting

4. Dye stabilizer (dependent upon dye test)

5. Pre-conditioner with neutral PH for soil suspension

6. Rinse and extraction with softened water and acid rinse

7. Groom fibers

8. Apply fans to speed dry

9. Clean fringe by hand and speed dry to prevent browning (if applicable)

10. Package rug and deliver to your home and put in place